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What is HUDlizer

Hudlizer is an ambitious project aims to give you an unprecedented control and help creating a more personalized experience with your PC, for now it best suites gamers who are looking for interaction with PC while playing, with HUDlizer you can customize and control your games and apps by using your voice, keyboard, mouse and other sources. You will also be able to display GUI over desktop, games or in VR. You can read the features section for more details.

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What we have done till now

The plan is to achieve our goal over 3 milestone, between each main update there will be lots of smaller ones for enhancements and fixes. The below timeline shows the estimated release dates for the big updates:

At some point we will have two versions of HUDlizer, a basic version which will be 100% free, and a full version which will require payment. The basic command activation scenario and all it's related enhancements and updates will be 100% free. While in the beta stage we will add features which later on will be moved to the full version, I will keep you updated with that.

Below are the highlights of what's done untill now. This list will be updated with each release:

Voice, keyboard & mouse recognition

Create commands using your voice, your keyboard or mouse keys to control application and games, give instructions and add this extra scene of immersion.

Choose from a Wide range of actions and customizations

Play music and videos, control playlists and volume. Control games by sending keyboard and mouse commands , or run applications and control various windows functions.

Add sound effects to your Text-To-Speech

Tired of the normal sound of your TTS? play with the new sound effects option and add a many effects to your PC sound. From echo, chorus, delay and many other effects, you can change what your machine sounds and share this by exporting your effects to friends.

More control with conditions and variables

Create and manage variables then use them in conditions , and use our powerful formula evaluator to evaluate complex mathematical operations.

Use it with VR

Pair all of this with your VR device and immerse yourself deeper into VR.

A bit of history!

The story

Mohamed Saied

Hello again, my name is Mohamed Saied, some of you may know me as Olkan, I live in Alexandria, Egypt and I'm a software engineer with a 10+ years in the field.

When I first started working on project Echo in 2015, I had a vision of giving gamers full control and help them create more personalized immersive experiences.
However, after latest release last year, I stumbled upon some roadblocks that took me a while to overcome.

Six months ago I got back to work and decided to release a new update with a new brand name.

Mohamed Saied.


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For our first iteration we will be releasing the free version, which contains tons of features that is already competing with the best apps out there!
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